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I am The Other Chris, a pseudo-anonymous account that allows me to discuss my interests in Defence, Science, Technology and History without conflicting with my day-to-day employment.

Inspired by several luminary military blogs including Think Defence, Verdigris, Thin Pinstriped Line, Defence with a ‘C’ and SNAFU, Threshold of Concern (a play on words) is a way for me to share longer posts on topics that do not lend themselves to the 280 character limit or threads on the Twitter platform.

General categories for posts will appear at the top of the site. Static content (such as this page) will appear at the top right, together with a link to my Twitter account.

I have had several past lives mainly involving engineering, software and the blurred line between the two, coming to rest at a Big Data and Venture Capital group with a fluid job title, normally involving me drinking coffee and learning things, to paraphrase.

I want to stimulate debate and enjoy playing the role of “Red Team” to test assertions. Many of the posts here will challenge and question: Please enjoy the articles in the spirit with which they are intended and play nice.

The Other Chris