31 May 2019 / / Army
08 June 2018 / / Army

“Industrial Era” combat formations, developed in 1940-1942 and refined throughout 1992-2003, are no longer sufficient.

The British Army needs to form a “Post-Industrial Era” fighting organisation.

08 June 2018 / / Army

Counters to Western Forces so effectively used in 1991 and 2003 have unsurprisingly grown in both number and, more importantly, maturity in the last three decades.

What are the challenges that face the British Army in adapting to maintain its lead?

08 June 2018 / / Army

In wargaming and training exercises, conventional Western Army Divisions have been soundly defeated or so chewed up within a week of High Intensity combat, that they have reached the point of being unable to effectively continue fighting.

It is time to sharpen the axe.